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EBM Foundation Course - EBM & Residency Training Programs

EBM & Residency Training Programs

Physicians have the commitment to quality care and to practice on the basis of their knowledge of the most effective management strategy for a particular condition. In the last few decades, the amount of information concerning available treatment and management options for many conditions has increased exponentially. Selection of best available evidence appropriate for individual patients’ care is the cornerstone of the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) practice.

The importance of including EBHP in the residency curriculum is well recognized by many programs in developed countries namely USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Recently, the Saudi Council for Health Specialties (SCHS) has incorporated EBM in the residency curricula, as the EBM course is mandatory for all residents before their graduations. A well recognized program is needed to fulfill the requirement of such an important foundation course. The SCHS approached the NGCEBHP for conducting EBM courses directed to residents in various specialties with reduced fees (letter No. 1763/3 dated 6/4/1426 H, attachment I). Being a referral center in KSA and the Gulf region, the NGCEBHP in National Guard Health Affairs will assume such responsibility.



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