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EBM Foundation Course - Learning objectives

Learning objectives 

1. Skills
By the end of the EBM foundation course the residents will be able to:
1 Translate the uncertainty into an answerable question
2 Devise a strategy and conduct efficient literature searches on a variety of available databases
3 Critically appraisal of the evidence for validity and clinical importance
4 Apply the appraised evidence to practice
5 Evaluation of the performance

2. Attitudes
By the end of the course, the residents will:
1 Appreciate the advantages of practicing EBM
2 Find the EBM curriculum to be a valuable educational experience.

3. Behavior
By the end of course, the residents will:
1 Increase their use of evidence from clinical research to help to solve the problems they may encounter
2 Continue to practice and teach EBM throughout their clinical careers.

4. Knowledge
By the end of course, the residents will have:
1 The skills to update their knowledge, as it evolves, over the time span of their careers.

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