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EBM Foundation Course - Evaluation


1. Pre-test

Set No. I
Aim: to test skills
* A clinical scenario will be distributed at least one week before the course “included in the educational material”
* Candidates will be asked to implement the 5 steps by using a computerized template form.
* It’s homework to stimulate the candidate to the course.

Set No. II
Aim: to test skills
* Another overnight homework material will be distributed in the 2nd day of the course in form of an article to appraise and bring in the following day.

2. Continuous assessment

Aim: to test the active participation of candidates

Main areas of assessment: knowledge, positive participation, attitude, and preparation

This can be achieved by supervision of candidates’ performance throughout the course.

3. Post- test "Final assessment"

Post- test
"Final assessment"
A Computer-based OSCE exam that will cover the following skills:
1 Formulating an answerable questions presenting a clinical scenario
2 Searching the evidence
3 Critically appraise the evidence
4 Putting evidence in to practice involving an active interaction (clinical simulation)
5 Assessment of performance.
Additional questionnaires may also be used

4. Evaluation of the course by participants

Standard forms will be distributed to all participants to evaluate the course, the instructors, the educational materials, the course organization, etc.

The candidate will be given the option to write 500-1000 words to describe his/her experience in the application of the 5 steps of EBM.



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