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2018: Changing Health Behaviour

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00-Change Behaviour-FINAL   

Date: 31 October 2018

Venue: College of Public Health and Health Informatics

Registration: SR 500



This workshop is designed to help participants undestand how individuals, groups and organizations behave and change. Participants will acquire knowledge they can use to design effective health programs. Also, attendees will acquire information about specific, evidence-based interventions to promote health and prevent disease.


PART 1. In this session we will describe ways that theories and models can be useful in health behaviour and health promotion practice.

PART 2. In this session we will cover theories and models that explain indivdual, interpersonal and community behaviour. Examples and case studies will be presented

PART 3 In this session we will focus on “Health behaviour and Health Promotion” program, planning, implementation and evaluation.


1. All Healthcare professionals, nurses, allied medical services, researchers
2. Medical pharmacists, Nursing students, healthcare students
3.Medical Librarians 


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